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Shahin El Nil SMF - SOLD


Year Foaled: 2014
Color: Chestnut
Bloodline: Straight Egyptian

2015: Everyone will ask why we gelded this boy? Well, its because there is no demand for colts right now and he is a superb athlete! Henry and I felt it was his best way to find the right home. He has a fabulous movement and a super personality, two unbeatable combinations for a friend/companion or perfomance horse. He is tall, conformaitonally correct, big eyes with close set fine ears that give him a very alert expression. Upright neck with plenty of poll for wearing a bridle. Shahin presents a great opportunity to get involved with the straight Egyptian performance horse awards.

2014:This is a very bold and playful colt! I took the earliest photos of him myself and he was in my face, coming right up to me, wanting to know what I was doing? Jenni Ogden took the last series of photos. In one of the captions I noted his nickname of "Hotrod " given to him by Kimberli Nelson on Face Book. He really is a Hotrod, ripping around, very fancy and moving in a big way with all kinds of attitude and charisma. 

My impressions are  he is leggy, elegant, big eyes with incredible expression and tight ears! Love him!

Now a gelding this boy has all the promise of an athletic performance horse but the beauty for the halter ring too! Conformation Unaltered in all the photos He is proud and playful Vroom, vroom, getting ready to peel out Mr. Hotrod

Shahin el Nil SMF from Christie Metz on Vimeo.

This video is about Shahin el Nil SMF (Symbolic SMF x Ansata Nile Starlight by Ansata Osiron)


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